Public Cloud Hosting: Myths Debunked

If your company is new to the concept of hosting, public cloud hosting is where you should ideally begin. Public hosting is a concept where the service provider assigns a server space to you and you access it with the help of a log in ID and a password. This account is part of a large server bed which is owned and managed by the cloud hosting service provider. Before you can opt for a public or shared hosting plan, it is important to have complete clarity on the concept of shared hosting. We look at debunking a few myths surrounding shared hosting, here.

Myth 1 (Shared hosting is free)—Well, it may or may not necessarily be free. Some public platforms provide free hosting space. However, there are others with more specific services and utilities that are paid services. However, the cost is substantially low and it is a great place to start with your hosting endeavors. Low cost provides the company with the required confidence regarding managing and working with a hosting plan.

charaterstics of cloud

Myth 2 (Shared Hosting does not provide enough space)—Well, it depends on the nature of company and the kind of space you are looking for. The very fact that you have opted for a public cloud hosting proves that your space requirement is not exactly humongous. In such cases, you will need to specify your space requirement at the very outset. Also, if the space falls short; you can always re tune your plan and opt for more available server space.

Myth 3 (Shared hosting means compromising on security)—Public cloud hosting means compromising on security, only when you are dealing with confidential information like personal details of clients and so on. There is no threat whatsoever for a normal informative website. The safety is paramount for regular sites and there is likely to be no issue at all. However, it is important for you to use a good password for protecting your account. Be discrete about your log in details and do not share it with anyone.

Myth 3 (Shared hosting means longer turnaround time)—If you are comparing the turnaround time with a private hosting plan, the duration will certainly seem more. However, on an average, the turnaround or response time for a normal website is quite up to the mark even with a public or shared hosting plan. It all depends on the nature of hosting provider you have chosen for your plan. The service provider should be able to satisfy your requirements. Also, it is important to read through your service level agreement carefully.

Myth 4 (Shared hosting means poor brand image)—Well, this is hardly the truth. Smart choices never damage the brand worth of any company. If a shared server space is all you need, that is exactly what you should opt for. Going for a private server simply because you think it will improve your company’s worth, is a foolish move.

Public cloud hosting is a smart, budget friendly choice to make for companies of today. However, if yours is an ecommerce business, you need a private hosting plan.

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What Your Business Requires from the Email Service Provider

Email solutions are a must for every type of business. It works as an efficient marketing tool as well as is an effective communication channel for a business to correspond with clients and probable customers. It also comes as an ideal internal messaging system with employees and colleagues. This makes it crucial that you pick your email service provider (ESPs) with care. They must be professionally experienced, reliable and efficient in their job to deliver the right solutions to reach your audience and enhance your business objectives.


With so many email service providers around in the market, how will you know who is the best for your business?

What you need from the email service provider:

Templates: To have an effective email marketing, you must create simple, sophisticated, and catchy email designs with flexible layouts. The templates must be mobile- friendly and look good on any device.

Tracking: Looks alone will not suffice. They are not worth sending if you are not sure if they are yielding the results. It is not worth the effort if the emails do not reach the destination. You must be able to track your emails. Look for a provider that provides you with an all-inclusive dashboard giving you all the statistical features like social sharing, unsubscribes, clicks, bounces, and more.

Automated features: Your host must provide you with automated features like sending messages at some scheduled time, auto res ponders to acknowledge receipt of any incoming email.

Emails should be responsive:

Today’s customers use their mobile devices to access most of their services including reading emails. Make sure your emails adjust to the varying screen sizes to give the recipients a better user-experience. They will just delete or spam your email if they are unable to view your message from the device they have in their hands.

Plan your budget:

Although email does not require a huge budget, you must plan and lay out some specific budget for effective campaigns and analysis. Different providers offer varying corporate email hosting plans. Choosing the right one for your needs will help keep the operational costs low while still delivering the functions you want to convey. Reviews of other clients and price should never be the only considerations. The top providers offer quality services within a reasonable price though they may not be the cheapest in the industry.

Check the customer support service:

This is important. You need an email service provider that is accessible around the clock. There could an issue with the server or you may want some instant provisioning of added services. Unless they are available, you cannot get your task done. It will also ensure that there is no disruption in service and your most important communication channel works perfectly.

Delivery rates:

You are investing on a service to promote your brand. To reach the right audience you must ensure it reaches their inbox. Your email service provider should ensure the services have compatibility with all the top players like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google etc. Choose one that works with clients to keep delivery rates high.

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How Easy Is It To Get Email Service Providers?

To find new clients and keep your existing customers satisfied, it is very important to continue communicating with them. The best way to do this for businesses is to sign up with reliable email service providers. In case you have not as yet tapped into this market, you may be losing out on many new buyers. Today, you will come across many email service providers that even help you build strategic email campaigns to boost sales or to set up solutions like MS Exchange email hosting.

How to find the best email service providers:

One of the first things you will need to do is to evaluate how email marketing can help you with your sales. This requires you to first determine your business goals. You will then get to know which email marketing solutions will help you to achieve these goals. For instance, brick and mortar companies may benefit from email marketing solutions that are quite distinct from companies which are event-based businesses.

Before you sign up with email service providers, you must evaluate the costs of their products. Most providers will typically charge you on a monthly basis. This amount will also depend on the numbers of users you have. Most vendors will also allow you to send unlimited numbers of mails every month; however, you must verify this feature before signing up.

It is also advisable to look for email service providers which provide you with free trial periods. There are many email hosting companies which will offer you free trial periods for a month or two. Moreover, you should also choose a company which provides you with email signing up forms that are customizable. This will help you to get additional email subscribers over time.

You must also decide whether you should design your own email template or pay extra for a custom design from your providers. The more reputed companies will offer clients a huge variety of professional-looking templates that you can choose from. Incidentally, there are also many providers which even let you blend images and design ideas from your current templates into theirs.

When you need help to create email marketing campaigns, you should ideally search for email service providers that offer professional consulting solutions. These customized solutions may involve extra charges.

Since your users are going to be accessing your company emails from a variety of devices, such as computers, laptops, smartphones etc, it is important to ensure that your provider can show you a preview of how your template will appear on all such devices.

MS Exchange

When you want to link your email marketing campaigns to social media networking sites, you should look for providers that offer this feature. They will let you embed link buttons to your company Twitter, Facebook and different social media accounts. This guarantees greater exposure for your products and services to new clients.

Finally, before you choose email service providers, it is important to investigate on the level of customer service support you will be entitled to. Most email service providers will give free phone and chat-support for the smaller businesses. They will also provide useful FAQs and video tutorials for their products.

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When Do You Need To Buy Dedicated Servers?

Most startups and smaller businesses find shared hosting to be most beneficial because of its affordability. However, as their sites continue to expand, sooner or later, they feel the need to upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers. In shared hosting, as the name suggests, resources of a server will be shared amongst multiple users. However, in dedicated hosting, companies rent out whole servers for their own exclusive use.

dedicated hosting

When should you choose dedicated servers?

• Depending on how many sites you run, you need to choose dedicated hosting plans. Besides the nature of your website also dictates the kind of hosting you need. So, when you have a static site which does not get too much traffic, dedicated servers is a waste of funds. But when your site is graphic-intensive, you may find dedicated hosting useful.

• When you must share resources with other sites, chances of these being overused by some users are very high. This may cause your website to slow down and lose customers. You could also be suspended when you over use too many resources. All these factors could bring down your rankings in search engines. Since 2010, Google has considered website speed to be a ranking factor and so sites with slow-loading web pages are found to be much lower in ranks. This is when dedicated servers can be of help to you. With resources of a server at your disposal completely, you can improve your page loading speed, and consequently your rankings.

• Another reason to choose dedicated servers is for their enhanced security. When your site is churning out good revenues, it is bound to attract attention. You may be storing customer details which include financial information like credit card details and the like. Hackers are tempted to attack such websites to steal information. So, you need a safe server which is capable of protecting data from such hacking attempts.

As dedicated hosting users you will have complete control of the server. However, if the host cannot offer high bandwidth, the hosting solutions are not useful for your business. You will need good bandwidth connectivity so that visitors can access your website always. Prices for bandwidth are quite high and it may be a good idea to find out about the rates offered by other web hosts before you buy packages from any one. Some providers even offer free trial periods for interested customers. You can sign up with these to test their services for a month; if you are not happy with the performance, you can always claim a refund and discontinue the services.

When you are able to fully managed dedicated servers on your own, you can choose unmanaged hosting solutions that are comparatively cheaper. When you do not have a skilled workforce to manage these servers, it is better to choose fully managed dedicated servers. Here, the hosting provider takes care of server security and management. When you need software updated or added, your host will do it for you. Managed hosting ensures that the server is rebooted by your provider too. Although this solution is costlier than all other options, it will give you complete peace of mind.

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Finding Server Colocation for your Business

If you can sign up with reliable data centers in India, you stand to gain many benefits. Server colocation is becoming hugely popular these days because you can place your own servers in the space belonging to a third party for a nominal charge. Maintaining in-house servers is not easy; it entails huge operational costs and maintenance costs. However, when you choose server colocation, you can get the bandwidth, security, support systems, air-conditioning systems and power supplies from your colocation provider. So, this is quite the perfect solution for smaller businesses which lack funds to maintain private data centers.

What benefits will server colocation bring for your business?

When you choose to sign up for colocation services, you can maximize your business prospects. This is because you will not be forced to expend money on purchasing expensive data storage equipment’s and networking equipment’s. The colocation host will also provide you with necessary support staff and uninterrupted power supplies to keep the servers functioning optimally.

By choosing server colocation, you can also benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure for your servers. Instead of keeping these in small chambers, they can be kept in climate-controlled environments which are fully secure and have redundant power connections. These storage areas in a colocation provider’s rack space will have power generators to ensure uninterrupted supply of power even if there are emergencies and sudden outages.


Finding server colocation solutions for your company can work to your advantage because you can get resilient web connections through the host. Your business can reach out to a wider global audience. When you maintain a private data center, you are not likely to enjoy such global connectivity. Getting bandwidth for reasonable prices is a huge advantage for most small businesses. Besides, colocation hosts will also offer multiple carrier neutrality so that clients can choose their preferred telecom partner. The presence of multiple transit providers ensures that you get competitive prices for bandwidth which in turn amounts to cost savings.

Another important advantage which you can enjoy with colocation hosting is environment friendliness. These technologies will help to cut down on energy consumption because businesses will prefer to choose colocation over maintaining individual data centers in India. Reputed data centers will invest a lot of time and money on researching upon green technologies to reduce carbon footprints.

These are only a few of the benefits which you get to enjoy on finding server colocation for your business. This is why server colocation hosting is believed to a smart business move. At the same time, your decision must not be hurried. You need to research on the providers before choosing any one. It is also important to review their SLAs to be sure about their terms and conditions, their uptime guarantees and compensations. You should get in touch with their representatives before you sign up for any package. Colocation hosting is an excellent option for businesses that wish to keep their data completely secure.

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How can Managed Hosting Solutions help Businesses?

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting solution among the small sized businesses as well as the new entrants in the hosting space. The most advantageous aspect of this hosting solution is that it comes at cheapest price. However, this also means that the resources of the server per user are highly restricted. This problem will be faced by the growing businesses as it will experience increased downtime with surge in traffic. In fact, another problem is that traffic surge in another user’s site will also adversely affect other users. In fact, a particular user can’t install any new software in accordance to his or her needs. This is the reason why there has been an increasing trend among medium and large sized businesses to opt for Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server.

managed dedicated server

For smooth running of a dedicated or VPS server, more and more businesses are going for managed solutions so that the service provider appointed expert can take pre-emptive steps for minimizing downtime or slowness of server. In fact, these managed solutions also help users to cut on IT costs as they don’t have to appoint IT staffs for server purposes only. The businesses can now appoint IT staffs for core business areas for expanding their business. Managed dedicated servers are comparatively more affordable than in-house server set-ups. They also provide users with enhanced flexibility as well as security.

Businesses get help from these hosting services in terms of security. Three major security improvements are available with managed services and they are –

1. On call security set up – Odd things generally happen in the dead of the night, especially when everyone is sleeping. If such a thing takes place then it is the experts of managed services who can keep the server running and don’t allow fall in productivity. It is seen that the malware attacks or DDoS attacks take place at a time when the cyber criminals expect no one to be around for blocking their trespassing. In case of unmanaged servers they can easily get beyond the firewall and adversely affect the entire site and system. However, if you get the fully managed dedicated servers then the professionals provided by the hosting service provider will work on your behalf to keep the site secure.

2. Data separation – Occurrence of data separation is considered rare. It generally happens when multiple websites get adversely affected due to flaw in the security set up of one website. Backend remains same on servers and this can translate to compromise in databases of employees or customers. When it is the dedicated server, there is no linkage between services provided by the hosting company and the dedicated server.

3. Protection from DDOS Attack – Distributed Denial of Service (in short, DDoS) takes place when any entity sends numerous requests of data to the server. The attack continues till the server stops responding. When businesses choose managed dedicated servers, the server management experts take pre-emptive steps for containing the attack and keep the server running without any downtime.

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VPS Hosting Fits into the Needs of Businesses of All Sizes

VPS is a workable solution for businesses that want more power and privacy than what they get out of a shared hosting. It is an acronym for virtual private servers and as the name suggests gives a business more privacy and seclusion than what they get in a shared environment.

VPS hosting offers more resources and security to a business at almost the same price as a shared hosting. It is considered as an affordable alternative to the dedicated server as it offers similar features at far more lower costs.

How is VPS created?

A powerful physical server is partitioned virtually into two or more servers each of which runs its own copy of operating system. The virtual servers are independent of one another with the server space being split into container type of units. Each account on a virtual machine is allocated individual resources.

So, when a business buys the VPS hosting, they have the same privacy, resources, security that one gets on a dedicated server in a smaller scale although they share the server with other accounts.

Why prefer a VPS:

Typically, startups and small businesses begin on the shared hosting. It works fine with the limited resources so long as they are small. However, once the traffic starts improving the space, bandwidth, memory etc that is allotted in a shared server will not suffice. The website slows down and may crash resulting it becoming unavailable to the customers.

Since they are still in a nascent stage, the businesses are not ready for the dedicated server as they are higher in cost as well as offer more resources which a small organization will not need. VPS hosting fits in as a bridge between the two and a perfect solution for the small businesses that have outgrown the shared server.

Choice of servers:

Almost all the leading web hosting providers offer the virtual servers in both Linux and Windows operating system. If a website is built on the Microsoft technologies of .NET and ASP with MSSQL database, it is preferable to opt for the Windows VPS hosting. Windows is a Microsoft owned technology and requires the users to purchase a license. The hosts provide the Plesk control panel for the users to manage their account.


Advantages of virtual servers:

Root access to the server:

VPS hosting gives root access to the server. Windows users can access it via the Remote Desktop while the Linux clients get access via the SSH. Customers can configure and customize the server to suit their needs and can install the software of their choice. It is important to adhere to the terms and conditions of the host while installing the software.

Another important factor here is that the clients must maintain and manage the software they install. The host will not take responsibility for software updates except for those that come pre-installed with the server. This requires the client to be technically skilled. In case they are not, it is recommended to buy the Fully Managed VPS plans.

More security, privacy, and reliability:

As mentioned earlier, each account is housed in individual containers. This makes VPS hosting far more secure than the shared platform. No outside entity gets access to the server without the permission of the website administrator. This is one reason businesses with mission-critical application prefer the VPS as they get the same privacy like in dedicated hosting barring the high costs.

The top VPS hosting providers offer around the clock support so that in case there is some issue with the speed or availability, the clients can call them at any time of the day.

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