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SDF Block G-13/14 Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) Phase II, Noida 201 305 Ph: 1-800-212-2022 (Tollfree) Fax: 0120-6667766 E-mail: Go4hosting is a leading provider of cloud hosting, managed hosting, website hosting and application hosting services to leading clients globally. Established in the year 2000, we have consistently strived to deliver performance-driven hosting and enterprise-ready cloud services and solutions to our clients. We currently own and operate state-of-the art tier III data center facilities in Noida and Jaipur (India) which are equipped with cutting-edge hardware to deliver best-in-class data center and cloud hosting solutions. Go4Hosting is a Cyfuture company.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Ideally Suited For Hosting Web Sites Of Mega Business Organisations

Dedicated Server Hosting is an option of Internet Hosting. Dedicated Server Hosting dedicates the hosting services of an entire physical server, to only one user. A business or otherwise an organisation or an institution needs to lease the hosting service … Continue reading

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Checklist to Find Reliable Cloud Security Services

While adopting the cloud is something that all businesses are striving for now, there are certain hurdles which must be overcome to run a website smoothly. Managing a successful business is not only about generating quality content and getting a … Continue reading

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Linux Dedicated Servers help Optimize Security, Performance and Costs

Every user of web hosting service is concerned about performance and security of the website while choosing the most cost efficient hosting plan. Anybody can search and buy a cheap plan, but buying only a cost efficient plan is not … Continue reading

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Why Disaster Recovery Services Are More Important Than Ever In Today’s Times

Most companies don’t give a thought to the consequences of a disaster- natural or manmade. And they do so at the risk of the occurrence of such a mishap and its associated negative outcomes. Most companies that do not have … Continue reading

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Plesk Dedicated Servers – Provider Of Convenience With Simplicity

Overview – About Plesk Plesk is a web hosting platform. Plesk is a commercial platform with a unique control panel. This Plesk web hosting platform with the control panel enables an administrator of a server to set up new websites, … Continue reading

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Reasons to Buy Dedicated IP Hosting

There are many important reasons why you should buy dedicated IP hosting for your website. Amongst these, the more significant ones are the need to have a secure website which is possible through SSL certification, the need for dedicated resources … Continue reading

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Reasons for Growing Popularity of Go4hosting Dedicated Servers In India

If you desire smooth running and peak efficiency for critical areas of your business, then dedicated servers are the best as they can serve all your vital business operation requirements with amazing competency. Choosing the best dedicated server hosting service … Continue reading

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