Awesome Attributes of VPS Hosting in India

4659870-design-wallpapersIf you desire to operate your web project or website without hassles of sharing vital server resources with other accounts, then VPS hosting in India is the most affordable option. VPS or Virtual Private Server facilitates operating several server instances on a single standalone server in a remarkably secure environment.
Since VPS technology enables you to exercise full control over your portion of the host server, you can enjoy a multitude of advantages over shared hosting without any significant financial burden as compared with dedicated server hosting.

Since a VPS is an intermediate stage between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, it blends the most useful features of these minus the disadvantages. A Virtual Private Server provides affordability of shared hosting in terms of multi-tenant hosting and resource availability of dedicated server environment.

Secured hosting and guaranteed resources

Reputed providers of VPS hosting in India make sure that clients need not face security related issues, which are common in shared hosting services. Most of the providers of shared hosting are found to oversell their plans by loading thousands of shared hosting accounts on the same server. This is bound to cause restricted access to server resources.

In contrast, Virtual Private Server is basically an independently accessible server instance and the user is therefore assured of self-sufficient CPU processing and far greater access to other resources than a shared hosting environment. There is also an additional advantage of scalability as the user of VPS hosting in India is allowed easy access to more resources as and when needed.

Flexible plans with complete control

Users of Virtual Private Server hosting plans are free to exercise total control over the administration of their servers. This assures freedom from unreliable technical support offered by few of the hosting service providers.

What’s more, you are at liberty to install any software of your choice on the server and therefore your website need not be restricted to the limited choice of software. If you are operating in online business or e-commerce industry, then fulfillment of PCI compliance is a vital requirement. In a VPS hosting environment, you can easily achieve the same by regularly upgrading critical software including OpenSSL, PHP, or Apache among others.

Freedom from resource restrictions

Established providers of VPS hosting in India make sure that their clients are able to access unlimited memory usage or CPU processing time unlike most of the shared hosting plans. Additionally, users of VPS hosting services can implement resizing as well as image processing, which is a common aspect of some of the Content Management Systems.
Virtual Private Server also facilitates scheduling of backup or other jobs unlike shared hosting plans. In essence, a VPS hosting plan is almost identical to a dedicated server hosting plan in terms of control, scalability, flexibility, and resource availability.

It is possible to install dedicated SMTP for enabling emails to be sent from private IP addresses. This improves the reputation of your website since the email communications can no longer be influenced by blacklisted IPs, which is a common issue in shared hosting environment.

Exceptionally reliable

VPS hosting in India is designed to offer guaranteed redundancies in terms of mirrored disk arrays in addition to backup plans for power availability in case of an unexpected power outage.

These redundancy features would prove to be highly expensive in case of dedicated server hosting.
Hardware failure can prove to be a catastrophic event in a dedicated server environment for continuity of the business. Such event would consume considerable time as well as efforts for server reconfiguration right from the beginning. If there is an event of unexpected hardware failure, then you can swiftly move your Virtual Private Server instance to another host server.

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