How ready is the Go4hosting GST Cloud Infrastructure?

As the entire country is steadily imbibing the new and revolutionary Goods and Services Tax regime, Go4hosting has come out with flying colors. Businesses cannot ignore applications like Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP and SAP. These are needed for supporting all critical business operations like accounting and taxations. Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure will allow you to enjoy a custom-made tax infrastructure to ensure smooth evolution into this new tax regime.

How prepared is the Go4hosting cloud infrastructure?

The GST is aimed at binding the whole nation through an integrated tax system which will help businesses carry out seamless transactions regardless of state boundaries. For this, you will definitely need aMain Banner-01 proper and resilient infrastructure which can make the transactions smooth and hassle-free. In this regard, Go4hosting has been highly supportive to its clients. The main reason for this is that Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure which has been specifically designed to help businesses overcome all the obstacles that the new tax regime may throw up.

  • When there are demands for resources at peak times, even the most carefully designed cloud for GST system adoption can collapse. This may lead to unwanted downtimes during traffic spikes and it translates to huge financial losses. So, the ASPs need to be very careful when selecting the vendor. The Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure is capable of anticipating and satisfying these demands for resources depending on the traffic fluctuations. Its plans offer both vertical and horizontal scalability. You can prevent frequent downtimes when you run mission-critical tasks because resources are made available in real time.


  • Given the fact that the GST is something new for the country, businesses will need a customized solution for it to cope with the possible uncertainties and risks. It may be quite difficult to predict the transaction volumes at a certain time on a particular day. Demands are likely to fluctuate and this may disrupt business functions and adversely affect revenues. With the Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure, you are spared of this uncertainty because the company can provide you with a predictable set-up supported by experts. These GST consultants can help you find the specific GST requirements in order to set up the cloud environment. The cloud infrastructure which Go4hosting offers is capable of making the best use of your funds.


  •  Any transition process to the GST will need to be supported by a secure environment so that data is secure. This environment must be capable of protecting valuable data and this is where the Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure makes a mark. It is founded on the robust and fault-resilient Tier III data centers in India. These are designed to comply with GST functions which are likely to be resource-intensive.


  • On-site infrastructures will need higher investments because you need t buy costly hardware and networking devices besides paying for maintaining the facilities. This explains why businesses want to use cloud computing to do away with the upfront costs. The Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure follows a pay-as-you-use model. So, you end up paying only for resources you use; you can get assured savings when compared with fixed cost models.


  • Finally, deploying the GST cloud infrastructure takes only a few minutes. The technical experts have the knowhow and expertise to get your business GST-compliant in record time. It offers dedicated supports for critical applications like ERP or SAP HANA; so, taxpayers may even get consultation from the experts.
    In this way, Go4hosting can come up with a completely-ready GST set-up to address all tax-related concerns.

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About Go4hosting

SDF Block G-13/14 Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) Phase II, Noida 201 305 Ph: 1-800-212-2022 (Tollfree) Fax: 0120-6667766 E-mail: Go4hosting is a leading provider of cloud hosting, managed hosting, website hosting and application hosting services to leading clients globally. Established in the year 2000, we have consistently strived to deliver performance-driven hosting and enterprise-ready cloud services and solutions to our clients. We currently own and operate state-of-the art tier III data center facilities in Noida and Jaipur (India) which are equipped with cutting-edge hardware to deliver best-in-class data center and cloud hosting solutions. Go4Hosting is a Cyfuture company.
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