What to Consider When Choosing Content Delivery Network?

In today’s era, it has become the primary objective of a business to have a fully functional website that lives up to the demands and expectations of its customers. It is important that businesses implement right solutions so that there is no fall in the performance and availability of a website. Having a content delivery network (CDN) in your IT infrastructure proves a bountiful bet.

A content delivery network helps businesses to deliver the content of their websites to the visitors at a high speed and with high security measures. Selecting a high-quality CDN for your business is not a difficult task as much people think. All you need to keep in mind is your specific needs and then look for a CDN provider based on the pricing plans and features of their services, support, and customer service. Once it is implemented, it will minimise future headaches and disappointments if any by letting your visitors have a good experience of visiting your website for relevant information.


There are lots of things to consider when you select a content delivery network, but your major focus should be on features, support, and pricing. Here are few points that you must consider when deciding which CDN to go with.

Reach: Whichever CDN provider you shortlist ensure that it has an international reach. A good provider makes sure that content is circulated over multiple servers that are placed at the most strategic locations. This will ensure a hassle-free performance of your website because the overall performance of CDN will not be impacted by any spike in content demand. The best CDN is the one that can boost the global reach of your content. Your visitors will be able to see your content without any problems from anywhere in the world.

Features: Look at the features that a Cloud CDN provider offers. Obviously, it is for boosting the loading performance of your website. But there should be other features like it should be capable of supporting advanced technology like Flash streaming, Real Media streaming, HTTP progressive downloads, among others.

Boarder broadband: What are your bandwidth needs? Before opting for a provider make sure how much bandwidth you need. If you are catering to a small traffic then you do not need much bandwidth. But if you are a website that is often visited then your CDN must provide high bandwidth to accommodate the huge traffic without any issues. A high bandwidth will ensure that the visitor on your website is getting a quick and efficient access to your images, videos, and documents.

Security and support: Do not forget to consider security and customer support. It is important that your CDN provider is capable of encoding sensitive and private information so that the transfer of data is done safely. Make sure that it has a quick response and email support available. Are they able to serve you in odd hours?

Pricing plans: This should be at the first in your list. Why? Well, if you get the services of your choice that meets all your specific needs at a cost that is less than what you had expected. What is better than that? Most of the providers offer an array of packages that comes with lots of features and at different prices. There are packages that suit almost every range. It depends on you how good are you to find the one that is perfect for all your needs.

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