What are the Main Benefits of Hiring Email Hosting Services Provider in India?



The Internet is the prime medium for communication between businesses and individuals and this is why business email hosting in India services are in much demand. Emails are an integral part of any business, large or small. Since managing emails turns out to be both challenging and expensive for businesses; professional email hosting services provider in India are popular. Email hosting demand specific software and multiple mail servers which are capable of handling the huge volumes of emails. They need spam filters for keeping malicious emails away. All this needs expertise and funds which many organizations cannot afford. So, it is natural for them to opt for an email hosting services provider in India.

Why are business email hosting services so popular?

The prime reason why corporate email hosting has become so popular in recent years is because businesses do not have the kind of manpower or the funds needed to maintain the powerful mail servers. Email hosting adds credibility to your emails unlike free email services like Yahoo or Gmail. While free email hosting services may be easy on your pocket, they will not have your domain name in the address. So, the recipient cannot identify you as belonging to a specific brand name. However, when you choose to sign up with an email hosting services provider in India, your address will bear both your name and the company’s name. This helps to build brand image and makes the communication more impressive and professional.

Besides making your business communications appear more credible, email hosting is secure. This is because the email hosting providers will adopt appropriate measures to ensure that data is encrypted. No unauthorized data access is permitted while the data is in transit. The measures for security are likely to vary from one provider to the next. They however typically include features like anti-virus detection, firewalls, spam filters etc.

When you choose an email hosting services provider in India, you can also give your users the storage space they need. This is not possible with free email hosting services where storage space is likely to be limited. Users are even free to upgrade and downgrade the storage limits as and when needed.

Email hosting services will also provide their clients with an address book sharing feature. You can even install auto-responders which will automate the emails that you get through the site. besides, you can also set up catch-all email accounts, email forwarding, email distribution lists and enjoy email marketing advantages.

Another advantage of using professional business email hosting services is that they are equipped with effective spam filtering systems which can keep malware at bay. The providers will undertake all measures needed to ensure that spam mails do not enter your inboxes.

Besides, a professional email hosting provider will also offer round-the-clock technical supports through live chats and phone calls.

When choosing an email hosting services provider in India, it is a good idea to make sure the kind of email access the provider offers. Your hosting provider should ideally allow you to select the protocol you require for configuring the emails. Moreover, not all providers will allow webmail access; this feature lets you check and reply to the emails while you are on the go. So, you can access emails from smartphones and laptops when you are away from the office. Before signing on the dotted line, you must ensure that the provider offers features you need for your business emails. It is a good idea to read reviews about the providers and check for client feedbacks.


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