How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting refers to a kind of hosting where many machines can work like one system and offer computing resources to clients across the Internet. Unlike other hosting systems which involve a single server like in shared hosting and dedicated hosting, there are multiple servers in cloud hosting. Using cloud hosting, client enterprises can get their resources from a huge resource pool created by a wide network of underlying servers. Cloud hosting also follows the utility computing model in the sense that it is more of a service than a product making it like other utilities like gas and electricity. So, clients are free to tap into as many resources as they need according to the demands of the traffic. They will also only pay for resources that they use and nothing extra.




What benefits will cloud hosting offer you?

 Cloud hosting offers many benefits, one of the most important advantages being that of reliability. Instead of being hosted on one server, your site can be hosted on a virtual environment which gets resources from a huge network of underlying servers. This means that even if a single server crashes or goes offline for some reason, your site will continue to run unaffected because it continues to tap into resources from other active servers. Incidentally, sites will continue to run optimally even where a whole data center becomes offline because the pooled resources are drawn from data centers distributed in various geographical locations across the globe to mitigate risks of data loss

. With cloud hosting, you get to enjoy a high degree of flexibility and scalability because resources are made available in real time. So, when your site needs additional resources because of traffic surges, they can be accessed without delay. Even when you use the private cloud model, it is possible to “burst” in order to get resources from public clouds when there are traffic peaks on your website.

The cloud hosting model follows the pay-as-you-go mode of payment which means that you end up paying only for the resources that you use. This ensures optimal resources utilization and no wasted capacity.

Since the underlying web servers are well-protected by robust security measures within secured data center facilities, they are benefitted by those security measures which successfully prevent unauthorized access.

What are the different cloud hosting models?

Cloud hosting models are of three kinds namely, Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS, Platform as a Service or PaaS and Software as a Service or SaaS.

Infrastructure as Service of IaaS: This refers to the fundamental building blocks for the cloud model and offers access to computers, networking equipments and data storage space. It will offer you high flexibility and control for managing IT resources and delivers the infrastructure for cloud computing namely, server, network, storage and operating systems as on-demand services. So, instead of buying servers, software or networking equipments, the client enterprises will buy these as an outsourced service. IaaS is suited for websites where demands are very volatile, for new enterprises having no capital for investment, for businesses which are growing fast and face hardware-scaling issues, for companies which must focus on operational expenses rather than capital expenses and also for temporary infrastructural needs.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): This cloud computing model lets you focus on managing applications instead of having to manage the infrastructure namely the operating system and the hardware. You do not need to worry about capacity planning, resource procurement, maintaining software etc. So, PaaS lets you create web applications fast without facing the complexities of buying or maintaining software.

Software as a Service (SaaS): This computing model gives you a comprehensive product which can be operated and maintained by the provider. The provider will license an application to the client either like a service on-demand or through a subscription model as a pay-as-you go model. With SaaS, you will not need to worry about how this service will be run or how the infrastructure beneath it will be managed.


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