Email Hosting India Service – A Necessity for Small Businesses

EmailHostingEmail hosting India is the right choice if you are seeking an efficient communication channel for your small business. It is very effective and adds a professional touch to your communication. Your business will require you to reply to your clients and visitor queries, shoot out promotional campaigns and acts as a messaging channel for correspondence with colleagues and employees.

There are free email services available in the market. You may utilize the services for your personal use. However, if you are serious about your website and intend to make money from your business, you must invest on the email hosting India solutions. Free services will have a deterring effect and cause more harm though you do save some money. Business houses are wary of spamming emails and usually delete them immediately.

Identifies your brand in the crowd:

The primary benefit of email hosting India solution for your small business is the credibility it gives. People will trust you, take you more seriously when you communicate with them with a branded email address. When you use your brand name for your email marketing campaigns, chances of your email going unnoticed are minimum. Your email will not be directed to the spam, folder without being read. People will remember your brand and visit you when they need any services.

In the present-day business world, it is important for your business to be accessible to people in all ways. Today’s consumers are more inclined towards using their mobile devices for their services. It adds to their convenience and saves them a lot of time. Email hosting India ensures that your business is responsive to all devices and gives you instant access to your inbox. With auto res ponders, you may give a quick reply and acknowledgment of receipt of your client’s email. Your host provides you with scalable hosting plans, sharing of the address book, folders, tasks, calendars etc for better collaboration.

Betters throughput:

The top providers ensure that your email servers are well secured with firewalls and anti-spam filters. Any spam emails are automatically blocked and you get an alert of all suspicious emails. This helps in improving the efficiency of your business since your employees will save a lot of time without the need of reading each email and deleting them. You may miss on any important email communication if your staff gets distracted in between.

Improved security:

All the email correspondence both incoming and outgoing is encrypted before it is transmitted to make sure that the data is not intercepted and misused by the cyber criminals. When your servers are secured, it increases the trust of your customers and they will immediately complete the financial transactions when buying a service. Email hosting India providers offer 24/7 technical support in case you require any assistance with your email server.

The hosts offer you a wide choice of servers like the Zimbra, MS Exchange and more. Zimbra email hosting is a popular choice suitable for all types of businesses. It offers desktop synchronization, support all the leading platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and is compatible with Outlook. It is affordable and an open-source email platform.

For further info related to email hosting, mail or call at:-1800-212-2022

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Ask These Question Before You Hire A Server Colocation Provider

server colocation

+If colocation services is in your mind for your business and it is the first time you after hiring a colocation service provider, there may be several concerns in your mind. There may even be some concerns which are important but you may not be even aware of the same.

+So, let us help you with some questions that you must ask your data center services provide when you are planning for server colocation.

Where do you need to locate your equipment?

+It is essential to know the demographics of your clients if your server is hosting client applications. Know where your clients located are. This is a question that is either too straightforward or too difficult. This is because this needs research from your end too before you sign up the contract. Your colocation server provider may have certain data that is useful for your business or client location. If your provider is available at multiple locations, you can even go for multi-server package for future ease.

What kind of security methods are being used by server colocation provider?

+If you are hosting financial documents of any company, you certainly need to make sure that the info kept on your server is safe and secure. This calls for an in-depth knowledge of security measures used by the service provider offering data center services. There may be different bio metric keys and others in place but at the same time the data center must be secured by efficient cameras too to monitor your servers round the clock. Also, ask for the security measures in case of camera security breach.

What is the quality of physical infrastructure of the provider?

+This information is another crucial one to plan your colocation deployment. You can ask the following questions in order to dig out the appropriate solution:

• What is the size of the cabinets allotted to you and how many equipment can they hold for you?
• Is there a raised flooring or concrete slabs in the data center?
• How is the fire suppression systems and is it apt to what you want?

Which natural disaster is the data center location prone to?

+Well, this is no weird question but a genuine one. Do not feel hesitant at all to ask your provider about the disaster that is likely to happen in the location or it is susceptible to. For example, California is prone to earthquakes and therefore suitable measures can cater to such unwanted calamity. You can ask the provider about the bolting of cabinets, recovery procedures, refueling procedures etc. On the other hand, London is susceptible to storms and you can ask accordingly.

+Lastly, do ask your service provider if there are any server colocation certifications required for your kind of business. Normally you do not need one until you are hosting any kind of data services. This is a common question asked from data centers, so you do not need to be hesitant to ask for the required certifications. They may even come up with an additional insight for you that is certainly going to help.
For further query, mail, or call at:-1800-212-2022.

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Boost Your Business Availability with Proven VPS Server Hosting in India

abstract-white-high-quality-wallpaperAlthough, there can be a number of reasons for slow performance of business websites, quality of a hosting platform is one of the most commonly overlooked reasons. Therefore many websites are found to be hosted on Windows VPS platform for assured availability and faster performance.

In order to understand the importance of a web hosting platform, we need to study various requirements of e-commerce websites. It is also recommended to understand the different types of issues that need to be handled by these sites. It must be understood that any business that requires the seamless online presence of its website must focus on a multitude of advantages offered by providers of VPS server hosting in India.

Appropriate hosting support for diverse applications

Whether you need to host your e-commerce site or the email functionality, a Windows VPS can be a great resource for applications that are suffering from resource crunch in a shared hosting environment. It is perfectly alright to begin the hosting operation in a shared ecosystem because there are multiple expenses to be managed.

One of the vital decisions to be made while choosing a right hosting option is regarding the operating system. Reputed providers of VPS server hosting in India offer either Windows or Linux operating system to their clients to help them move up to a more resourceful hosting as compared with shared hosting.

Speaking about Windows server, there is a myriad of different versions to choose from. One needs to understand requirements of individual applications before finalizing the version. Usually, the default version is found to be Windows Server 2008 but one can also consider choosing an enterprise edition for advanced applications.

In terms of advantages of selecting Windows server hosting over shared hosting, the most attractive one is the availability of remarkable controls as far as installation and administration are concerned. With a root server access, users can implement specific settings that facilitate optimum performance of applications. This also enables excellent flexibility as well as control of the server environment.

Unique attributes of Windows VPS solutions

You will be pleasantly surprised with the extremely familiar Windows interface since you have literally grown with the same and enjoy the comfort of working with it on your desktop PC. Shared hosting can sometimes cause a temporary downtime during updates. Unlike a shared hosting plan, users of VPS server hosting in India can enjoy the freedom of executing upgrades as and when desired to mitigate effects of downtime.

Your Windows Virtual Private Server offers seamless access for trading without any interruptions. The facility of data center hosting also allows users to perform trading or any other business function without any hassles. If you are looking forward to full administrator access, then you have chosen the right solution offered by proven VPS server hosting in India.

Setting an office in cloud

If you desire to set up your very own office in the cloud, then Windows VPS servers can help you achieve this by simply installing Microsoft Office and MYOB. You can have a guaranteed access to your office VPS and enjoy the most compelling features of large businesses at the comparatively affordable price.
VPS server hosting in India allows small entrepreneurs to gain high-end capabilities that were only available for big organizations. Thanks to Windows VPS, Your virtual desktop functionality can be accessed from any device with a simple internet connection.

Technological advances can be attributed to the continuous development of Windows VPS features. If you wish to avail these and much more benefits of VPS server hosting, then you need to find the right service provider with a proven service record.

Wanna more info related to VPS Hosting, mail at:-, or call at:-1800-212-2022.

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Why is Public Cloud Hosting Popular?

5-Alt.jpgPublic cloud hosting refers to a standard computing model wherein the vendor will make computing resources available to businesses and individuals across the Internet. Public cloud hosting may be either free of cost or vendors may charge you on a pay-as-you-use basis. So, you end up paying only for the resources that you use and nothing extra. This type of cloud hosting has been termed as public cloud hosting only for the purpose of differentiating it from private cloud hosting. The latter is a proprietary data center where computing resources cater to only a single business. There is also another type called the hybrid cloud which integrates the private and public cloud models.

Why is public cloud hosting used?

Public clouds are preferred by individuals and businesses that may not need a high level of security and infrastructure for data storage. It offers the following benefits:

• Scalability: When you sign up for public cloud hosting your business benefits from a very high degree of scalability. You can access resources in real time. This is possible because resources get drawn from a big resource pool that is obtained from a wide network of servers. This makes it possible for businesses to respond to all kinds of changes in traffic seamlessly.

• Affordability: Public cloud hosting is popular because it is highly affordable. Since businesses can avail of resources from multiple servers, it is possible to achieve what is called “economies of scale”. The management and operation of resources is collectively shared and you will not have to spend money on hardware or on manpower to manage the hardware. It is also cost-effective because clients will only have to make payments for the resources which they are using. Most cloud providers follow a utility pricing model where you pay as you use.

• Reliability: Public cloud hosting is preferred as it is reliable. The redundant servers involved in such an environment ensure that even if a single server fails, others will take over the workload.

• Flexibility: Public clouds will offer a variety of services like PaaS, SaaS and IaaS which may be accessed from all web-enabled devices. These will be able to satisfy most computing needs for individuals and businesses alike.

• Location Advantage: Finally, with public cloud hosting, you get to experience location related benefits. In other words, that no matter where you may be located, you will be able to access data from any device, as long as you are able to connect to the Internet. This naturally helps to improve productivity at work and ensures smooth and timely completion of projects. Employees will be able to work on the same projects from various geographical locations spread all across the globe.

So the public cloud is an economical alternative to the private cloud hosting where you do not have to sign up for contracts. You can simply pay by the hour and you are not bound to pay for resources which you will not need. The hardware will be shared since it is a multi-tenant environment. It is not recommended for businesses that want a fully-managed service; it is useful for technical buyers keen to install and manage their own servers.

Wanna more info related to public cloud hosting call at:-1800-212-2022, or mail at:-

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Awesome Attributes of VPS Hosting in India

4659870-design-wallpapersIf you desire to operate your web project or website without hassles of sharing vital server resources with other accounts, then VPS hosting in India is the most affordable option. VPS or Virtual Private Server facilitates operating several server instances on a single standalone server in a remarkably secure environment.
Since VPS technology enables you to exercise full control over your portion of the host server, you can enjoy a multitude of advantages over shared hosting without any significant financial burden as compared with dedicated server hosting.

Since a VPS is an intermediate stage between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, it blends the most useful features of these minus the disadvantages. A Virtual Private Server provides affordability of shared hosting in terms of multi-tenant hosting and resource availability of dedicated server environment.

Secured hosting and guaranteed resources

Reputed providers of VPS hosting in India make sure that clients need not face security related issues, which are common in shared hosting services. Most of the providers of shared hosting are found to oversell their plans by loading thousands of shared hosting accounts on the same server. This is bound to cause restricted access to server resources.

In contrast, Virtual Private Server is basically an independently accessible server instance and the user is therefore assured of self-sufficient CPU processing and far greater access to other resources than a shared hosting environment. There is also an additional advantage of scalability as the user of VPS hosting in India is allowed easy access to more resources as and when needed.

Flexible plans with complete control

Users of Virtual Private Server hosting plans are free to exercise total control over the administration of their servers. This assures freedom from unreliable technical support offered by few of the hosting service providers.

What’s more, you are at liberty to install any software of your choice on the server and therefore your website need not be restricted to the limited choice of software. If you are operating in online business or e-commerce industry, then fulfillment of PCI compliance is a vital requirement. In a VPS hosting environment, you can easily achieve the same by regularly upgrading critical software including OpenSSL, PHP, or Apache among others.

Freedom from resource restrictions

Established providers of VPS hosting in India make sure that their clients are able to access unlimited memory usage or CPU processing time unlike most of the shared hosting plans. Additionally, users of VPS hosting services can implement resizing as well as image processing, which is a common aspect of some of the Content Management Systems.
Virtual Private Server also facilitates scheduling of backup or other jobs unlike shared hosting plans. In essence, a VPS hosting plan is almost identical to a dedicated server hosting plan in terms of control, scalability, flexibility, and resource availability.

It is possible to install dedicated SMTP for enabling emails to be sent from private IP addresses. This improves the reputation of your website since the email communications can no longer be influenced by blacklisted IPs, which is a common issue in shared hosting environment.

Exceptionally reliable

VPS hosting in India is designed to offer guaranteed redundancies in terms of mirrored disk arrays in addition to backup plans for power availability in case of an unexpected power outage.

These redundancy features would prove to be highly expensive in case of dedicated server hosting.
Hardware failure can prove to be a catastrophic event in a dedicated server environment for continuity of the business. Such event would consume considerable time as well as efforts for server reconfiguration right from the beginning. If there is an event of unexpected hardware failure, then you can swiftly move your Virtual Private Server instance to another host server.

For further Query, mail at:-, or call at:- 1800-212-2022.

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How ready is the Go4hosting GST Cloud Infrastructure?

As the entire country is steadily imbibing the new and revolutionary Goods and Services Tax regime, Go4hosting has come out with flying colors. Businesses cannot ignore applications like Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP and SAP. These are needed for supporting all critical business operations like accounting and taxations. Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure will allow you to enjoy a custom-made tax infrastructure to ensure smooth evolution into this new tax regime.

How prepared is the Go4hosting cloud infrastructure?

The GST is aimed at binding the whole nation through an integrated tax system which will help businesses carry out seamless transactions regardless of state boundaries. For this, you will definitely need aMain Banner-01 proper and resilient infrastructure which can make the transactions smooth and hassle-free. In this regard, Go4hosting has been highly supportive to its clients. The main reason for this is that Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure which has been specifically designed to help businesses overcome all the obstacles that the new tax regime may throw up.

  • When there are demands for resources at peak times, even the most carefully designed cloud for GST system adoption can collapse. This may lead to unwanted downtimes during traffic spikes and it translates to huge financial losses. So, the ASPs need to be very careful when selecting the vendor. The Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure is capable of anticipating and satisfying these demands for resources depending on the traffic fluctuations. Its plans offer both vertical and horizontal scalability. You can prevent frequent downtimes when you run mission-critical tasks because resources are made available in real time.


  • Given the fact that the GST is something new for the country, businesses will need a customized solution for it to cope with the possible uncertainties and risks. It may be quite difficult to predict the transaction volumes at a certain time on a particular day. Demands are likely to fluctuate and this may disrupt business functions and adversely affect revenues. With the Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure, you are spared of this uncertainty because the company can provide you with a predictable set-up supported by experts. These GST consultants can help you find the specific GST requirements in order to set up the cloud environment. The cloud infrastructure which Go4hosting offers is capable of making the best use of your funds.


  •  Any transition process to the GST will need to be supported by a secure environment so that data is secure. This environment must be capable of protecting valuable data and this is where the Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure makes a mark. It is founded on the robust and fault-resilient Tier III data centers in India. These are designed to comply with GST functions which are likely to be resource-intensive.


  • On-site infrastructures will need higher investments because you need t buy costly hardware and networking devices besides paying for maintaining the facilities. This explains why businesses want to use cloud computing to do away with the upfront costs. The Go4hosting GST cloud infrastructure follows a pay-as-you-use model. So, you end up paying only for resources you use; you can get assured savings when compared with fixed cost models.


  • Finally, deploying the GST cloud infrastructure takes only a few minutes. The technical experts have the knowhow and expertise to get your business GST-compliant in record time. It offers dedicated supports for critical applications like ERP or SAP HANA; so, taxpayers may even get consultation from the experts.
    In this way, Go4hosting can come up with a completely-ready GST set-up to address all tax-related concerns.

For further query, mail at:-, or call at:- 1800-212-2022.



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Introduction of Data Centers in India

Soon the complexity of information technology systems requested a more controlled condition for IT frameworks. In the 1990s, customer server organizing turned into a built up standard. The servers for these frameworks started to locate a home in the old devoted computer rooms left from the early computers.

The term Data Center first gained popularity in India amid this period. Data centers referenced rooms, which were uniquely intended to house computers and were committed to that reason. Data centers are purpose-built facilities that enable organizations or associations to house their information off-site, authorizing floor space and enhancing their processing surroundings for a small amount of the cost of developing up their own.

While choosing whether to outsource Data Center Hosting in India or not is generally simple, choosing who to endow with the administration and insurance of that hardware requires a great deal more educated choice.

While picking a provider, there are various elements to consider:

• Investments in technology & equipment
• Power efficiency
• Levels of security
• 24 * 7 support & monitoring
• Scalability

Picking a Data Center in India is a choice that should not be messed with, so make sure to consider the majority of the focuses above when meeting with the forthcoming suppliers.

Data Center Reliability Checklist

Data centers in India size can go from one room to an office to a whole building, yet there are some fundamental necessities, which must be actualized to guarantee framework unwavering quality. When outlining a data center, efficient planning is critical. Various zones must be routed to guarantee a reliable and proficient framework, which is equipped for, proceeded with the operation.Black-and-White-Spiral-Wallpaper2222

Most common reasons for Data Center Failure in India:

• Environmental problems
• Software failure – for example, memory leaks
• Hardware failure – such as storage or processing problems
• Operator or procedural error
• Poor network reliability
• Security breaches

All about Server Colocation

An organization stores the greater part of its essential, downloadable, and susceptible information, for example, pages, onto a server. Businesses or people who require web administrations get many advantages by the utilization of a decent Server Colocation Services in India. This procedure has been found to enhance the execution of both new and old sites and consequently pulled in many individuals to swing to its utilization. Increment or change of the system speed is the quick eminent advantage that one gets by having their server colocation.

Benefits of Server Colocation in India:

1. Saves money, time and space
2. Less technical problems and readily available technical support
3. Added Security

Server Colocation in India is turning into the best technique for organizations to appreciate the best in their server facilitating. However, the services are a tad bit higher than web facilitating. This implies it is not the best alternative particularly for people facilitating hosting small websites or blogs. The procedure can be more costly and deplete on the benefits made. At last, care must be taken while picking a specialist organization, not all suppliers are bona fide and some offer preferred services over others.

Go4hosting have been awarded with ISO 27001:2005 certification, the most prestigious award given to the data centers offering enterprise class data center solutions, for their top-notch IT security and management practices. For more info, mail at:-, or call at:- 1800-212-2022.

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