Reasons Why Email Hosting in India Could Be Just Right For You

Most of the businesses that run over the internet require a stage for substantial mail movement to stay aware about the patrons, with extremely secure and confidential services. The mailing solution becomes essential for a business as it provides web-based admin panel to manage various user accounts, storage availability, and password authentication and maintains privacy for the businesses.

Email hosting is a service provided by a company that runs email servers, which are the hardware components that make the sending and receiving of emails possible across the Internet. Moreover, internet hosting services are commonly referred to as an Email hosting service in India that is in charge of operating email servers. It is a sort of web hosting bolster that provides clients with the capacity to send and get an email.

Types of Email Hosting Services available in India

Essentially, there are three sorts of email hosting services that an individual or an organization can browse. They are:

• Email hosting by the hosting company
• Outsourcing Email Hosting
• In-House Server


Need for an Email Hosting Services in India:

To avail following benefits, every organization needs a reliable email hosting service provider:

• Secure Webmail Access
• Secure IMAP and POP Access
• Adequate Storage Space
• Automated backups
• Encryption
• Shared Address Book
• Spam and Virus Filtering

Choosing a right email hosting service provider can be little critical since parcel of factors are to be considered before that such as the size of your organization, good technical support etc. However, it is always advisable to do a little research on your requirements, analyze them, compare it with several hosting plans offered by reputed companies, and choose the best one that suits your requirement.

What Zimbra Email Hosting Services has in Store

Zimbra Email services are the new revolution that has come up in the IT industry to resolve all the mailing issues. It is the most highly recommended emailing solutions for enterprises worldwide. It can not only help you effectively collaborate and share information amongst your employees and customers, but it can also help increase the productivity of your business.

Features of Zimbra Email Hosting:

A portion of the fundamental components of Zimbra incorporates the accompanying:

• Ajax Based Web Mail
• Calendaring
• Document Management
• Task management
• Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus
• High Security

Two Versions of Zimbra:

• Open-source version
• Commercially supported version

These have many unique features including the closed-source components such as a proprietary MAPI connector to Outlook for calendar synchronization.
Zimbra can be used in an offline mode, which allows users to access their mail even in the absence of an internet connection. In addition, it can synchronize with MS Outlook Exchange, thus allowing the user to import all emails, folders etc. to this open source software. Stanford University, H&R Block, Bechtel, Live Prism, Raytheon, Premier Hotels Resorts etc. are some of the organizations that entrust Zimbra for all their emails, IMs etc.


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What Benefits Will Managed VPS Hosting Plans Offer?

When you choose managed VPS hosting, you stand to enjoy many advantages like higher reliability, scalability and better supports. One of the main things to consider when looking for reliable VPS hosting providers is the degree of managed services it can offer you. When your business has an IT department already and is well-versed with VPS hosting, you can sign up for unmanaged hosting plans. These are more cost-effective compared to the managed VPS hosting plans. Moreover, you will also have the complete freedom to install and run software of your choice. You can manage your VPS account in your own way without interference from the host. However, when you do not have a very capable IT staff to support you, it is better to opt for managed VPS hosting services.

Key benefits of choosing managed VPS hosting services:

Most of the client enterprises which choose managed VPS hosting will prefer services that can give them the highest level of services. But an exact definition of fully-managed services may be hard to get. There is really no industry standard for defining fully-managed VPS hosting solutions because each vendor will offer different packages. On the whole, all vendors offering managed VPS hosting are likely to provide their customers with the following benefits:


1. With managed VPS, loading time for applications is accelerated. Statistics suggest that viewers will navigate away from a website if the web pages take too long to load. Incidentally, Google uses loading time as a key criterion when making its rankings. So, when you can get a faster loading site, you will be getting more viewers and therefore higher profits. SSD VPS hosting in particular is able to guarantee superior performance and better site loading time. So, when you run an online ecommerce store, paying a little more for managed VPS hosting is actually a good idea.

2. Managed VPS plans offer a high degree of scalability. This means the businesses which opt for managed hosting can get additional resources like RAM and CPU, space and bandwidth when they need it. So, the site does not have to face frequent downtimes. In shared hosting, you will be able to get only a limited amount of resources that have been allocated to your site. This is because server resources are shared by multiple users. But with VPS hosting services, you can enjoy an isolated server for your needs and you can expand your business seamlessly by acquiring more resources.

3. Managed VPS hosting also means better customer care supports. So, if you are affected by server related problems, you simply have to reach out to the customer support services through phone calls, emails or live chats. A managed service provider will always have experts to assist you with your queries. This benefit is especially vital for the owners of smaller businesses which do not have the expertise to troubleshoot such technical problems.

4. Finally, another key benefit of choosing managed VPS is that you will be able to enjoy far better security than you could with shared hosting plans. You have root access to the servers; you can run your own OS on the server. You do not have to share resources with anyone. You are practically given a dedicated server without the high costs and the responsibilities of server management.

So, managed VPS hosting India is becoming more and more popular these days as it is both time-saving and cost-saving for small businesses. The servers are run by the host and the provider troubleshoots all server issues.

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Understanding If Shared Hosting Is The Best Idea For Your Website

Any new business knows that in this digital world of today, not having a viable website would sound the death knell for the business, even before it really starts. There are literally thousands of website hosting options available for the businesses of today. Most new businesses are spoiled for choice and they are faced with the dilemma of not only deciding on which host to go with but also which hosting package would suit them the best.

If you are setting out to build your very first website, the best option for you would be the budget hosting option- shared hosting.

Why’s that

Before we delve into that, let’s understand what shared hosting is all about. Shared hosting is the most economical of all hosting option out there. In this type, many sites share space on a single physical server, along with sharing all of its resources.

Most accounts on that server have no clue about their neighboring sites. While most sites have a total limit on the amount of resources they can use, they are made aware of this in the package they opt for.


All the aspects – good and bad

Let’s speak of the good parts first. As mentioned before, shared hosting is by far the most economical form of hosting. And most shared hosting India plans are designed in such a manner that it is easy for the user to upgrade as they grow, sometimes almost seamlessly so that there is minimum downtime for the site.

Most providers offer an easy to use cPanel with the plan to make it easy for the user to manage their site. Also, they take care of all the technical aspects related to the server in terms of monitoring, administration, and management. So the client is spared all these necessary but mundane tasks, saving them time and effort that they can utilize in the core tasks of their business.

You don’t have to worry about being stuck with this option. It is great for the budget-conscious and the newbies.

Now for its disadvantages. The biggest one is overburdening of the server. Since there are many accounts on the same server, in case one of the sites experiences a spike in traffic, they may utilize more resources which would lead to slow times for the remaining sites on the server. In fact, if you see your own site getting more hits, you will soon notice a slowdown in its performance.

Then, the loading time of the site is slow, as compared to a dedicated hosting server. Also, since you are unaware of your neighbors, while rare, it could be that you are sharing space with a malicious server or spammer. You would also suffer from lack of customization since you will have to make do with the software that the provider has preloaded on to the server.

You can go through these pros and cons of shared hosting and then decide if it is a good fit for your hosting requirements.


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The Various Services Cloud Server Providers Can Offer To Businesses

Hosting services are provided by cloud server providers on the back of the humongous network of servers that make up the cloud network. These are virtual servers that draw their computing resources from physical servers present in data centers located all over the world.

Cloud hosting is the newest buzzword in the field of web hosting. It is offered by cloud server providers as a service, a utility instead of a product. What happens in this case is it is payable on the basis of usage. The client uses just what they need and pay for only that.

Features laden plans

Any data center would ensure that its cloud services are at par with the best in the world. Most cloud server providers try and tack on as many features as possible to entice clients with facilities-laden, cost-effective plans.

The benefits cloud hosting plans offer are many.

These include:

Being reliable – one can’t compare the ease of performance that comes from a web of virtual servers to what a single physical server can offer. The risk of being offline is diluted tremendously when there is an entire web to draw resources from. Websites operating on cloud servers remain online almost always and do not suffer even when a data center goes down since the pool of virtual servers immediately divide the load on the back of the feature of responsive load balancing.

Being cost-effective – the feature of utility style costing is budget friendly. While the facility of surplus resources is available, the client will just have to pay for what they use, and no resources lie unused. So the client can scale up and down without fear of extra charges.

Being flexible – scalability brings along flexibility. All computing resources in cloud hosting are available in real time on demand of the client who does not have to rely on a single server. With any spikes in website traffic, the extra resources can be accessed seamlessly to meet the surge with ease. This is a great advantage of this hosting option.

Going green

More and more cloud server providers, like Go4hosting, are into offering cloud hosting solutions to organizations of all sizes and types. The world over, companies are benefitting tremendously from Cloud server hosting. The best part is that this solution is eco-friendly as well since virtualization reduces total physical server footprint. This is a biggie for companies since they desire to toe the line in terms of contributing to a greener environment.

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Why Dedicated Server Hosting Is Considered A Great Option For Growing Websites

In the dedicated server hosting option, the client leases an entire server that is housed off site, in a third party data center. This option is more expensive than shared hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. However, it is the best option for businesses looking at generating revenue through online presence.

The server in the dedicated server hosting solution is reserved solely for the use of the client.And so they are able to enjoy all of its capabilities without having to share it with any other businesses or sites. Several clients go for Fully Managed Dedicated Servers if they so desire to spare their in-house IT staff from the chores related with managing the server.


What do companies gain from this option?

The benefits of this option are many. Some businesses might balk at the rate but the advantages of this option far outweigh those of others.

The client enjoys unrestricted access to server resources.With rare downtimes,there is increased availability of the website. With Fully Managed Dedicated Servers, the provider maintains and manages the server, and the client is completely free to concentrate solely on the core business tasks. Large businesses with heavy traffic should only go for dedicated hosting since no other option would be able to handle that volume effectively.This option is superb for sites looking for expansion or those already expanding, especially big ecommerce sites.

Then comes the issue of security. With the client being the sole user, there is zero risk of sharing the server with scammers or any malicious websites. Also, the client is in total control over distribution of server resources.There is no neighbor slowing down the server or limiting the bandwidth usage.

It is also the client’s choice regarding applications, programs, or scripts that run on the machines. They can configure the server in terms of CPU, disk space, memory, platform, or software. Basically they can customize the server completely to their requirements. The advanced control panel makes it easy for them to access the various features of the server. If there are any technical issues, expert,round-the-clock assistance is available for them from the provider.

The client can also get more server space with expansion in their business. All they have to do is inform the provider and their needs are met with nary a fuss.


There are very few disadvantages of this type of hosting solution. The biggest among them is the cost factor. It is also more expensive and more complicated than the other solutions. However, it is considered the best solution in many cases and if a business wants to spare itself the many disadvantages that shared or VPS hosting solutions bring along, they should go for dedicated hosting only.

Go4hosting is the best name in the field for Dedicated Server Hosting solutions. All their plans, including those with Fully Managed Dedicated Servers,offer maximum performance and stringent security.

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What to Consider When Choosing Content Delivery Network?

In today’s era, it has become the primary objective of a business to have a fully functional website that lives up to the demands and expectations of its customers. It is important that businesses implement right solutions so that there is no fall in the performance and availability of a website. Having a content delivery network (CDN) in your IT infrastructure proves a bountiful bet.

A content delivery network helps businesses to deliver the content of their websites to the visitors at a high speed and with high security measures. Selecting a high-quality CDN for your business is not a difficult task as much people think. All you need to keep in mind is your specific needs and then look for a CDN provider based on the pricing plans and features of their services, support, and customer service. Once it is implemented, it will minimise future headaches and disappointments if any by letting your visitors have a good experience of visiting your website for relevant information.


There are lots of things to consider when you select a content delivery network, but your major focus should be on features, support, and pricing. Here are few points that you must consider when deciding which CDN to go with.

Reach: Whichever CDN provider you shortlist ensure that it has an international reach. A good provider makes sure that content is circulated over multiple servers that are placed at the most strategic locations. This will ensure a hassle-free performance of your website because the overall performance of CDN will not be impacted by any spike in content demand. The best CDN is the one that can boost the global reach of your content. Your visitors will be able to see your content without any problems from anywhere in the world.

Features: Look at the features that a Cloud CDN provider offers. Obviously, it is for boosting the loading performance of your website. But there should be other features like it should be capable of supporting advanced technology like Flash streaming, Real Media streaming, HTTP progressive downloads, among others.

Boarder broadband: What are your bandwidth needs? Before opting for a provider make sure how much bandwidth you need. If you are catering to a small traffic then you do not need much bandwidth. But if you are a website that is often visited then your CDN must provide high bandwidth to accommodate the huge traffic without any issues. A high bandwidth will ensure that the visitor on your website is getting a quick and efficient access to your images, videos, and documents.

Security and support: Do not forget to consider security and customer support. It is important that your CDN provider is capable of encoding sensitive and private information so that the transfer of data is done safely. Make sure that it has a quick response and email support available. Are they able to serve you in odd hours?

Pricing plans: This should be at the first in your list. Why? Well, if you get the services of your choice that meets all your specific needs at a cost that is less than what you had expected. What is better than that? Most of the providers offer an array of packages that comes with lots of features and at different prices. There are packages that suit almost every range. It depends on you how good are you to find the one that is perfect for all your needs.

Are you looking for a content delivery network service company or more information on CDN? Visit Go4Hosting for a number of exciting and affordable packages for meeting your CDN needs.

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What are the Main Benefits of Hiring Email Hosting Services Provider in India?



The Internet is the prime medium for communication between businesses and individuals and this is why business email hosting in India services are in much demand. Emails are an integral part of any business, large or small. Since managing emails turns out to be both challenging and expensive for businesses; professional email hosting services provider in India are popular. Email hosting demand specific software and multiple mail servers which are capable of handling the huge volumes of emails. They need spam filters for keeping malicious emails away. All this needs expertise and funds which many organizations cannot afford. So, it is natural for them to opt for an email hosting services provider in India.

Why are business email hosting services so popular?

The prime reason why corporate email hosting has become so popular in recent years is because businesses do not have the kind of manpower or the funds needed to maintain the powerful mail servers. Email hosting adds credibility to your emails unlike free email services like Yahoo or Gmail. While free email hosting services may be easy on your pocket, they will not have your domain name in the address. So, the recipient cannot identify you as belonging to a specific brand name. However, when you choose to sign up with an email hosting services provider in India, your address will bear both your name and the company’s name. This helps to build brand image and makes the communication more impressive and professional.

Besides making your business communications appear more credible, email hosting is secure. This is because the email hosting providers will adopt appropriate measures to ensure that data is encrypted. No unauthorized data access is permitted while the data is in transit. The measures for security are likely to vary from one provider to the next. They however typically include features like anti-virus detection, firewalls, spam filters etc.

When you choose an email hosting services provider in India, you can also give your users the storage space they need. This is not possible with free email hosting services where storage space is likely to be limited. Users are even free to upgrade and downgrade the storage limits as and when needed.

Email hosting services will also provide their clients with an address book sharing feature. You can even install auto-responders which will automate the emails that you get through the site. besides, you can also set up catch-all email accounts, email forwarding, email distribution lists and enjoy email marketing advantages.

Another advantage of using professional business email hosting services is that they are equipped with effective spam filtering systems which can keep malware at bay. The providers will undertake all measures needed to ensure that spam mails do not enter your inboxes.

Besides, a professional email hosting provider will also offer round-the-clock technical supports through live chats and phone calls.

When choosing an email hosting services provider in India, it is a good idea to make sure the kind of email access the provider offers. Your hosting provider should ideally allow you to select the protocol you require for configuring the emails. Moreover, not all providers will allow webmail access; this feature lets you check and reply to the emails while you are on the go. So, you can access emails from smartphones and laptops when you are away from the office. Before signing on the dotted line, you must ensure that the provider offers features you need for your business emails. It is a good idea to read reviews about the providers and check for client feedbacks.

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