Reasons to Buy Dedicated IP Hosting

There are many important reasons why you should buy dedicated IP hosting for your website. Amongst these, the more significant ones are the need to have a secure website which is possible through SSL certification, the need for dedicated resources to meet the high traffic which a site gets and the need to access sites through FTP regularly. When these situations occur, you may think of upgrading the existing shared hosting plan to a dedicated hosting plan which will provide you with a dedicated IP address.

Why is dedicated IP hosting beneficial for SSL?

For business owners who want to launch an ecommerce website, having the SSL certification becomes imperative. They have to ensure that the private information which their clients release on the site is kept completely secure. For getting the SS certificate to guarantee this data security, you will need to buy dedicated IP hosting plans. When you buy dedicated IP hosting plans, you may get it as part of the payments you make for the SSL certification or you may be able to enjoy it for an additional fee.


Why is dedicated IP important for sites getting high volume of traffic?

You will need to sign up for dedicated IP hosting when your website gets huge volumes of traffic. The truth is, even if you do not have an ecommerce site but your website gets a lot of traffic, you should choose to buy dedicated IP hosting solutions. With a dedicated IP address, your site is able to ensure the level of performance and high speed which visitors want, even when traffic spikes. It will also help to mitigate risks of server crashes and server failures which are common when there is too much of traffic.

When you decide to buy dedicated IP hosting, you should understand that having a dedicated IP will substantially increase the page loading speed. Google considers this speed factor as one of the key factors when it comes to ranking websites. So, dedicated IP actually helps to improve SEO rankings for a website. At the same time, this does not mean that the site will automatically be given the topmost rank in the results page. But you should realize also that when there are some things which you can do to improve your rankings in the search engine result pages, then maybe you should make an effort to get those things done to reap the benefits. This means that together with creating high quality content you should also make that extra payment for a dedicated IP to give your site a further boost in performance.

Does a dedicated IP actually guarantee better SEO rankings for a site?

Critics have two types of opinions about whether or not a dedicated IP can improve your website’s search engine rankings. Where spam is concerned, Google tends to distrust all those sites which share the same IP address with that of spammers. At the same time Google is also aware that there are many websites which sign up for shared hosting plans and such penalties can turn out to be counterproductive. It is argued that dedicated IP hosting will help the website to load quicker. But at the same time it is also true that each server will have to inspect a data packet, analyze the requests and then send it to the correct domains. The process remains the same, no matter how many sites are involved. So, every server will have to undergo the same process regardless of the number of destinations. In short, difference in the time taken for processing is usually too small to be discerned.

In spite of these criticisms it is undeniable that dedicated IP addresses will help your site have its SSL certificate. When you buy dedicated IP hosting for your site, you are strengthening its security. You get to access the site through FTP and upload it to a browser through an IP address. For high traffic sites this helps to reduce frequency of downtimes as they get access to dedicated resources all the time.

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Reasons for Growing Popularity of Go4hosting Dedicated Servers In India

If you desire smooth running and peak efficiency for critical areas of your business, then dedicated servers are the best as they can serve all your vital business operation requirements with amazing competency. Choosing the best dedicated server hosting service is important to maximize the benefits according to experts. One name that stands apart when it comes to dedicated server hosting services in India is Go4hosting. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, there is a huge and growing demand for Go4hosting dedicated servers in India among enterprises of all types and sizes and across diverse industry sectors.

Get Full Control Over Server Operations

Dedicated servers put you in full control of your servers as your website is the sole occupant on the server and has exclusive access to all the resources available. You are at liberty to configure the server to meet the unique and specific requirements of your business. Low cost dedicated servers from Go4hosting stand apart from other big names in the industry, not only in the aspect of affordability but in many other vital areas of operations as well.

Enjoy Benefits of the Latest Technology

By using the very latest, state-of-the-art technology, Go4hosting provides businesses that decisive edge to help them surge over their competitors and remain consistent in their performance. Go4hosting dedicated severs in India are strategically located in carefully chosen geographical areas for best coverage and easy accessibility for clients.

The company is committed to providing high level of excellence to businesses in vital areas of business operations. Their service is acknowledged as one of the best in the server hosting industry. The company has a highly qualified and experienced team manning the crucial customer service area. Their services are available on call 24/7 and on all days of the year which means that businesses can expect any glitches or faults to be set right in the quickest possible time. You are unlikely to experience any major downtime issues with the low cost dedicated servers from Go4hosting.

Reliable and Affordable

Go4hosting is one enterprise in the server hosting business that keeps upgrading their technology to remain current with global trends and developments in the industry. That explains the high demand for Go4hosting dedicated servers in India as well as abroad. They make use of leading infrastructure network to meet the growing demand for their services and also to support future developments and designs.

Dedicated servers from Go4hosting spell sophistication and reliability and are designed to match the exact needs of their clients. Their entire range of dedicated server hosting plans come with high customization options so that key components of the service can be suitably tweaked at the client’s end for matching their needs and business environment. Solid support is provided in all customization endeavors if needed by the highly qualified and responsive technical team.

dedicated hosting

Other Benefits

The leading dedicated hosting service in India offers high quality cloud-enabled services guaranteed to deliver a more consistent experience. Companies can benefit enormously in their HR as their in-house IT team will be free to focus on projects of strategic importance instead of wasting their valuable time and energy on dedicated server management on a day to day basis. Go4hosting professionals will work with the in-house team of their clients to ensure that hosting operations and allied management tasks is carried out smoothly and at peak efficiency at all times.

Some of the key features of dedicated server hosting solutions offered by Go4hosting are user-friendly cPanel and Parallel Plesk control panels, dedicated IP addresses and email addresses, scalable disk space, compute and IT resources, and SLA-backed network uptime of 99.95% guaranteed. The service also offers easy access to multiple network providers.

Low cost dedicated servers from Go4hosting offers 24/7 monitoring, software patching and upgradation backed by high quality technical support.

For further query Call at:-1800-212-2022, or drop a mail at:-

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Enjoy Flawless Website Hosting With Cheapest Windows Dedicated Servers

Have you just taken your first step into the world of online business? Do you feel all puzzled up on hearing certain jargons such as website services or web hosting plans? Well, here we are to put all your confusions to rest. If you’ve just taken your business a notch higher by exposing your services on the Internet via a website, you must have heard ace businessmen recommending you buy a website hosting plan. But what exactly is a web hosting service and why does your webpage need it?

As the number of visitors on your webpage increases, the uptime percentage of your server is likely to decrease. This will further hamper your brand value, brand recognition, and productivity and performance. Therefore, it’s important to get a web hosting account to get your website hosted, or, in simpler words, provide a customized server space for all your significant web files.

You can choose from a plenty of web hosting solutions available in the market. Depending upon your needs, a web hosting provider will provide you web hosting plans that don’t make you blow your budget. If you wish to enjoy exclusive access to your server’s resources, you must settle down for dedicated server hosting. Designed to support a broad range of business applications, Windows dedicated server – the dedicated servers managed on the Windows operating system – is highly resilient and scalable. These offer extreme power and flexibility.


With Cheapest Windows Dedicated Servers, you will get to enjoy:

Rock-solid Performance
Full Root Level Access so that there is no resource restrictions,
Improved Speed and Uptime.
High Bandwidth,
Customization so that you can build and personalize your account as per your requirement,
Easy Information Sharing,
Easy upgrade,
Advanced security,
Round-the-clock Technical Support.

Windows Dedicated Servers are cost-effective solutions for any website, not just because you get to acquire MS Office services but also because the server hardware and software are rented. Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is extremely important for the deployment of your web services. So, buy Windows Dedicated Solutions for your webpage and experience flawless running of your websites as well as applications.

Dedicated Server Cost
Running dedicated servers is expensive. However, Dedicated Servers are worth their high rates. Investing in a dedicated server at initial stages can bring long-term benefits and savings for your business.

A Low Priced Dedicated Server will give you the access to full resources of the server. Plus, you can run the machine as per your desires. You must opt for low priced dedicated server if your applications have started to outpace your VPS. However, if you need more, go for Mid-Price Servers.

As your website recognition increases, it becomes important to choose a web hosting solution that provides the most advanced security, performance and availability. So, settle down for Mid-Price Dedicated Servers as these are better at handling more requests and running processes faster. These machines also provide more bandwidth and storage capacity. With these plans, you get to enjoy a great blend of affordability and high-class performance in one single package.

It is deemed that the cost of a product is always the best indicator of its value. And probably that’s why, High-End Dedicated Server machines are high-priced. But, one thing is for sure. Investing huge at once will appear cheaper in the long run. With this expensive plan, you’ll be able to host plenty of feature rich websites plus run the most demanding applications.

Make sure to inform clearly about your needs to your sales representative so that you get the best dedicated server plan as per your budget.

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Indian VPS Hosting – A Premium Hosting Service With Less Cost

Virtual Private Server hosting, or VPS hosting has become very popular among business personnel in India, with the continuous economic growth and surge in business activities in this country. The need of efficient and cost effective web hosting service has also increased many folds with the growing business scenario in this country,

Virtual Private Server hosting is a very affordable and cost effective web hosting service module. VPS hosting is ideal hosting service to meet the increasing demands of web hosting service in India. VPS hosting is very efficient hosting service to handle the challenges of meeting the demands of continuously rising market and end users in this country.

VPS hosting is a web hosting service model which provides multiple beneficial features to its user. Virtual Private Server hosting service has a secured and managed environment. So, Indian VPS hosting can provide higher flexibility to its user. This hosting service also remains intensely focused on security and privacy of its client’s critical data with specialized business applications. VPS hosting service does not charge anything extra for these features and services from its clients.

Virtual Private server Hosting

A virtual private server hosting with a VPS server is basically selling a virtual machine as a service by an internet hosting service. A VPS has the unique capacity of running its own copy of an operating system. The customers of VPS hosting have super user level access to that operating system. This allows the customer the facility to install any software or application of their choice, which run on that operating system.

A VPS is functionally equal to a dedicated physical server hosting in so many aspects. A VPS server can be very easily configured and created because, it is a software defined server. This VPS server hosting costs much less than any other dedicated physical server hosting because a VPS server hosting mimics a dedicated server

in a shared hosting environment.

A VPS server hosting can be technically termed as both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

VPS Hosting India

Advantages of Virtual Private Server hosting-

1. A VPS hosting service provides supreme privacy to its customers. None of the other customers can share the client’s operating system. So, no website on the client’s server can any how access the business files or personal data of the customer.

2. A customer can very easily customize his VPS server. A customer has his own operating system with a VPS server. The customer is free to install any software or application that runs on that operating system, such as Apache, PHP or MySQL. The customer is also free to make changes to make the server suitable to cater for the services the customer requires.

3. Customer has complete control with a VPS server hosting. A customer has the freedom to do a system restart for installation of a software or application at any time he/she thinks suitable. Although a VPS server is technically a shared server with other VPS servers, the customer can restart his VPS server without causing any problem to any other user.

4. A VPS server hosting provides dedicated amount of resources to its customers. A customer gets dedicated amount of RAM, available to him/her any time he/she needs it, to cater for his/her growing business requirements. A VPS server customer’s dedicated amount of RAM can never be used by other user.

A VPS server hosting environment with cPanel control panel is always optimized. A customer can very easily upload files, keep the server secured, manage domains and do many other works to keep his/her server running smoothly and efficiently.

Indian VPS Hosting- the need of growing Indian economy

Indian VPS hosting is the need of the hour to help the Indian economy grow. There are many VPS hosting service providing companies in India who are providing reliable and efficient hosting services to their customers from a very long time. They provide a range of hosting services to cater to various needs of different clients. Their VPS hosting plans provides facilities needed for management of current and future business requirements in India.

For further query related to VPS hosting services, feel free to call at:- 1800-212-2022, or drop a mail at:-

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Why Traditional VPS Hosting Still Rules?

What are the major considerations for taking a hosting decision? While this might seem to be a common question, the answers for this question need to be explored deeply. For, we all know that there are shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services. Now, even a scalable and highly flexible hosting service in the form of cloud is also available. This is a variation of the tradition VPS hosting only.



Anyways, the first decision is obvious to decide whether which service you want to go with. If you are a beginner not expecting much traffic and the website is a basic one, then shared hosting is the best option to go with. However, if the site is expected or is receiving good traffic, then virtual private server hosting is required. Going a level beyond VPS, if there is a need for carrying out considerable research and development effort or when the traffic is enormous, then you need to take the dedicated servers so that the requirements can be met.

A VPS hosting India has quite a few clients, which enables you to make more use of server resources, say, storage space or the bandwidth. This allows you to have a good amount of traffic on your site without affecting others. If it were not so, your account would be blocked in the shared hosting environment since overuse of server resources would not be permitted as it would impact others as well. VPS server scores over this problem to a large extent and you can continue to use it for a long period of time. The other clients using VPS resources are not affected since there are very few of them.

A modern extension of the traditional VPS is the Cloud hosting. In India, this is quite expensive for mid-level organizations that are using VPS hosting. However, it offers great scalability and flexibility of operation, comes with lesser risk of server crash and considerable improvement of user experience. Basically, it relies on architecture of a number of servers being used to offer hosting. Server hosting service providers look into the architecture of a particular cloud environment before deciding which service provider to opt for.

Cloud hosting in India is still quite expensive as compared with the traditional VPS servers and this is the reason why a large number of users still opt for the traditional VPS hosting. It is when the client base of the cloud providers increases considerably to offset the costs associated with developing the architecture that cloud hosting would begin to get opted for more by the people as compared to the traditional VPS one. Even people using the dedicated environments would be migrating to cloud hosting gradually since they would need to pay only for the services and the quantum of these being used.

After taking a decision on which hosting service is required, the next important step is to understand how the server is performing. The best server is the one which would have the best and the latest operating system. Technical configuration of the server should be selected after careful evaluation of your targets and goals. A proper business plan shall go along with the technical evaluation of requirements of hosting as well. This would obviate the need to migrate to higher order servers from lower one or vice versa frequently.

In general, if server usage is likely to see high usage in near future and you might find it difficult to move servers at that time, it would be better to incur some extra costs and go for a higher order one now.

For more associate information, feel free to call at:-1800-212-2022 or drop a mail at:-

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5 Attributes You Should Look for in VPS Hosting Service Providers

Most of the businesses, irrespective of their industry and size, prefer to house their websites on the VPS servers. This is because VPS gets a business more facilities than what shared hosting offers at almost the same low prices and almost reaches the dedicated server features at a much lower cost. If you have not yet moved your business from your shared hosting platform, you must do so at the earliest to avoid traffic spikes.

VPS Hosting
To get the maximum benefits out of the server, you must do some careful selection of top VPS hosting service providers before you finalize with a hosting service that will suit your business requirements. This is important since there could be a variance in the features or any other service among the providers.

What you need from a provider:

VPS servers are affordable and come nearly at prices as low as the shared hosting. When you are upgrading, you will not find VPS making much difference to your budget. It is important that you do not keep the price factor as your only consideration when selecting your hosting company.


This is the vital necessity. The purpose of doing online business is defeated if your website is down and unavailable to your customers. The best VPS hosting service providers house your servers in redundant data centers where you get assured power supply and high network connectivity. The possibilities of servers going down or latency issues cropping up are minimal.

Proper allocation of resources:

A VPS account gives you control over your server area. Configuration prowess is a necessity for you. So, you must have the right technical expertise. In case you are not having the staff or you do not wish to burden your staff with the server related tasks you must look for VPS hosting service providers that offer managed hosting. The performance of your site will vary based on how it is configured.

Your provider must guide you about the correct resources and use the best hardware components to build the server. The bandwidth, storage, and RAM offered will vary from one host to the other. Be very clear about your requirements and make sure that the web hosting company you choose provides you with an appropriate plan.

Choice of servers:

Yet another important consideration that you must check the VPS hosting service providers for is the operating system. There are some providers that specialize and focus on only Linux VPS Hosting or Windows servers. You need providers who offer you both plans and allow you to migrate from one to the other in case you find your website not performing to its best capabilities. This could happen if your site is built on the Microsoft technologies o0f ASP.NET and MSSQL and you have chosen Linux servers there could be some variation in performance since Linux does not support these technologies.

Customer service support:

The best VPS hosting service providers offer around the clock support. This is very important since you can never be sure when you could face some issues with the server. You may be a technical expert but you cannot do anything till they open office if they do not have their technical experts available 24/7.
Data security and backup services:

Your data is crucial. Any loss or tampering could incur heavy losses for you in reputation. Money as well as customers. Consumers will not come to your site if it has been compromised. Do a check if the VPS hosting service providers are well equipped with the security aspects and are adhering to all the security norms. Your servers must be protected against D-DoS attacks and come built with strong firewalls. Your host must provide data backup services.

Want some more info related to VPS hosting services or VPS hosting providers, feel free to call at :- 1800-212-2022 or drop a mail at:-

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Why You Need the Managed Dedicated Servers

In today’s competitive and challenging business world, it is important for you to look for efficiency and improve your business productivity. You must focus on your business and leave all the technical complexities on the hosting experts. This is what managed dedicated servers is all about. Managing a server is not easy, more so if you do not have the expertise. You will be only wasting your time, money, and resources and ruin your high-traffic website.

When you opt for managed services, your host will provide all the server upgrades, hardware maintenance, component replacements, database upgrades, software application installation and updates, security patches and any other service that is required by you. Dedicated servers have you alone hosting your websites on the server so the entire resources and support from the host are exclusively for your business. You as your business owner have complete control and root access to the server. You can install any software applications that you require for your business, ask for the hardware you prefer and choose your operating system.

Saves you money and time on experts:

The primary advantage of managed dedicated servers is its cost-effectiveness. You need not employ technically qualified staff to handle the server. Your existing in-house experts will have less work pressure and more time to focus on core business functions. Searching and recruiting staff can be a wasteful exercise at times since you cannot be sure of their capabilities unless you see their work. Training, salaries, perks etc can run into high costs. You save these distracting affairs by paying a fixed monthly fee on your dedicated server and get several benefits in the process.


Faster solutions to issues:

Managed dedicating servers involve proactive monitoring of servers. The experts are constantly doing performance checks on the server hardware and even at the slightest of doubts on any component, they replace it immediately keeping the client informed. This minimizes and eliminates the risks of the server not performing to its full capacity while enhancing your business performance and keeping you ahead of your competition.
Your business will have dedicated support around the clock from the technical team in case you have any queries or wish to add some features that would help enhance business performance.

Assured enhanced reliability:

Speed and uptime are critical requirements for every business. Fully managed dedicated servers assure of redundancy, top speed as well as near to 100% network uptime. It is important for you to have constant uptime to be available to your customers from different locations across the globe. Your provider makes sure of it. The servers are placed in resilient data centers where you are assured of continuous power supply and other infrastructural facilities at no additional costs.

Data protection and backup:

Part of the managed dedicated servers includes protection to critical data applications with daily data backups. This gives you additional security and assures your information is available and recoverable if some issues crop up. Hardware going corrupt, accidental deletions, or even some outages will keep your business running.

Want some more info related to managed dedicated server hosting, feel free to call at:- 1800-212-2022, or drop a mail at:-

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